SEAOSC Safer Cities Technical Summit Agenda

Saturday, January 19, 2019

7:00 AM Check-in
8:00 AM Welcome
8:10 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina Safer Cities Policy Breakfast Update: Sharing of the key take-always by those who participated in the Oct. 24th Summit Breakfast. The updated results of the Safer Cities Survey will be announced. Matthew Barnard
8:25 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina What is next with the Retrofit Ordinances / State Legislation: Review of the current ordinances in effect or being developed within SoCal. Share the stories behind the 2018 assembly bills and what is expected for 2019. Sample the audience to identify legislative priorities for SEAOSC. Matthew Barnard
8:40 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina Wild Fires: Lessons learned, actions that should be taken by the structural engineering community based on observations from a structural engineer who responded to Paradise, CA as part of the FEMA US&R team. Jonathan Glassman
9:05 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina Wild Fires: SEAOC has convened an AdHoc Committee on Fire. Hear about what is planned for this committee as well as the work already in progress. Janah Risha
9:30 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina Wild Fires, The City Perspective: Overview of the technical resources available to the structural engineering committee in assessing whether a structural or portion of a structure can be re-used after fire damage. Yolanda Bundy
10:00 AM Break
10:10 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina The Steel Lessons Learned from Northridge: How we design and construct steel structures today, especially with regards to steel moment frames, was directly impacted by the damage observed from the Northridge Earthquake. Our industries efforts to improve the performance of steel structures has been a major success well worth celebrating. Do you know why we do what we do today? Ashi Dhalwala and Peter Maranian
10:30 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina The Unlearned Lessons from Northridge: Great progress has been made since Northridge but our work is not done. There are topics still to be further developed. Hear about those topics and provide your insights in what else remains to be done. Ashi Dhalwala and Peter Maranian
11:00 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina The Lessons Learned from Northridge: Soft Stories and how they are, and are not being fixed today. Includes an overview of best practices in completing these retrofits. Garrett Mills / Daniel Zepeda
11:30 AM SAP Training (New) Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina 10% Rule for Alterations: What can and cannot be done without triggering a major seismic evaluation and upgrade to a building sounds simple but we each apply the governing requirements differently. Explore what we all said is the right way. Will you agree?  Daniel Zepeda
11:50 AM Break
12:00 PM Lunch Served
12:20 PM The Responders: Stories from those who responded to Northridge. The premiere of a portion of Quake Heroes. Ken O'Dell, David Cocke, Mel Green
12:45 PM Break
1:00 PM Combined SAP Training (New + Renewals*)

NOTE: The Renewal training may need to be rescheduled. Negiotations with CAL OES is still ongoing.
Doug Litchfield / Dave Karina Defining Functional Recovery: In 2018, legislation was proposed to create a working group to define "functional recovery". What is the SEAOSC definition of functional recovery especially in consideration of the hazards faced in our region? Be part of the conversation and help create this definition and identify what our next steps for the SEAOSC technical committees to refine our position.  Wayne Chang
3:00 PM Happy Hour with our Sponsors
4:00 PM Event Close

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