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SPECIAL: Seismic Activity & the Searles Valley Earthquake

Update on 7/12/2019:
We received notice from CalOES that the City of Ridgecerest is not in need of SAP resources from the State at this time. The City has been able to secure the necessary resources through mutual aid. We are therefore not deploying our SAP Evaluators. We would like to thank all of you that responded regarding your availability and we appreciate your patience while waiting to see if we would be deployed or not.

Update on 7/8/2019
SEAOSC Safety Assessment Program (SAP) Evaluators are not yet being deployed to Ridgecrest. If you are a SEAOSC SAP Evaluator with a valid (not expired) SAP ID you should have received an email from our SEAOSC DES Committee. We are currently assembling a list of potential SAP Evaluators. Please do not self-deploy.

If you have a valid SAP ID and have not received an email, please contact Laura Basualdo and Doug Litchfield at our SEAOSC DES Committee email address:
July 4th, 2019

Structural Engineers Association of Southern California Responds to Searles Valley Earthquake.

There was a magnitude M6.4 earthquake at 10:33am PDT on July 4, 2019, with the epicenter located near Ridgecrest, California (12km SW of Searles Valley - As SEAOSC continues to learn more details of the event and possible needs of the nearby communities, we will update you with any new developments.

Status of SEAOSC

SEAOSC remains fully operational. All administrative, logistical and technical support are functioning and were not been affected by this recent earthquake event. Among other functions, SEAOSC will continue to correspond on behalf of our members, address media questions, provide phone support, and implement our Earthquake Response Plan.

Available Resources

SEAOSC is here to assist you with various resources for earthquake preparation and responses. Some of these resources include support from our technical committees such as, but not limited to, Building Codes and Standards, Existing Buildings, Seismology, Steel Buildings, and Disaster Emergency Services. Contact information for all the committees can be found at

Where possible, SEAOSC encourages you to serve as a valuable resource to aid and assist the community. As a technical support to the California’s Office of Emergency Services, consider volunteering in the Safety Assessment Program that assist local governments and communities affected by earthquakes to inspect and evaluate damaged buildings and structures. Please visit for additional information.

Sharing of Information

SEAOSC encourages you to share your experiences and information to further discussions within our membership and their clients regarding this earthquake event. You are encouraged to caution your clients of the potential aftershocks and possibility of increased magnitude events. Aftershocks may further damage or cause the collapse of buildings or structures that were compromised during the main shock and can occur at any time up to hours, weeks, and even years after the initial event. If you wish to share photos or observations, you are encouraged to use the SEAOSC hashtag #SEAOSCEQ in your social media posts on Twitters, LinkedIn, or Facebook.  

Participation in Survey

SEAOSC recommends that you and your clients should participate in the USGS’s “Did You Feel It” survey. This will allow the engineering and scientific community to gather information related to the effects of earthquake events. Please click and forward the link to your Colleagues and Clients

Communication with Client or General Public

Lastly, this earthquake is a good reminder that we need to be prepared. SEAOSC suggests you emphasize the importance of structural engineers to the overall well-being of our communities when communicating to your clients or even members of the public or media, where appropriate. One of the best ways to be prepared is to have a well-designed building that can remain functional following an earthquake.

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