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The SEAOSC Mentorship program offers Emerging Members, Mid-level Members, and Established Members opportunities to meet in a formal mentorship program setting to encourage open and honest dialogue while helping Mentees define their career goals, identify roadblocks, and take ownership of their own growth and development. It also provides Mentors who are current and future leaders an opportunity to share practical insights and to improve their leadership proficiency. The broad goal of the mentorship program is to collectively strengthen and engage the community and profession of Structural Engineers in the Southern California region and beyond.

Time Commitment:

  • Initial/Annual Mentor Training (1 hours annually)
  • Quarterly training (1 hour quarterly)
  • Monthly connection with mentee(s) (1-1.5 hours per month)
  • Informal interactions (approximately 1-2 hours per month)

Benefits to Being a SEAOSC Mentee

Being a mentee in the SEAOSC Mentorship program offers tremendous opportunities to advance your growth. These include:

1. Connections with established leaders in the profession

2. Access to advice and insight about your professional growth from someone outside your company/existing network

3. Key learnings from someone who has gone through the professional phase

4. Increased confidence in connecting with established leaders

5. developing and maintaining a broader perspective on career options and opportunities

6. being helped to identify and achieve career goals

7. Support from SEAOSC in making the most of a professional mentor

Interested to join as a Mentee?

  1. This program is available for SEAOSC Members only. Be a member!
  2. Email and express your interest to join as a Mentee.

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The Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) is a professional association with a rich history and a commitment to shaping the future of structural engineering. This legacy continues to affect the field, as SEAOSC remains a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, professional development, and community engagement.

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