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SEAOSC is currently recruiting Mentors for the 2024-25 Mentorship Program. We invite anyone with professional experience and interest in supporting the future generation of Engineers to apply.

As a Mentor, you will be paired with a Mentee who is at an earlier career stage and have the opportunity to connect on key professional and personal issues on a monthly basis. Training, a reference manual, and support from the Mentorship Subcommittee will be provided.

Your mentorship can have a lasting impact on a Mentee and the Engineering community.

Come be a part of this exciting movement and apply today!


"It has been a pleasure taking part in the organized SEAOSC Mentorship Program this past year. As a Mentor, the experience has allowed me to connect with emerging engineers outside of my office and hear first hand of concerns and struggles that are being faced in the industry. The discussions allow me to reflect on my personal management style and ways which I can better lead. The relationships are not a one way street and I am grateful for the invitation to participate."

Kelsey Parolini, SEAOSC Immediate Past President

"Mentorship matters. There is no way I would be in my position today without having had great mentors along my journey. The past year gave me an opportunity to give back as a mentor and I truly enjoyed it. I found the time valuable in listening to how others were doing and providing thoughts and suggestions for their questions. It's why we give back and donate our time to this professional organization. SEAOSC is here to support and lift up our entire profession and what a great way to do it through mentorship!"

Craig Chamberlain, SEAOSC President

Time Commitment:

  • Initial/Annual Mentor Training (1 hours annually)
  • Quarterly training (1 hour quarterly)
  • Monthly connection with mentee(s) (1-1.5 hours per month)
  • Informal interactions (approximately 1-2 hours per month)

Role of the Mentor:

  1. Prepare for mentoring sessions.
  2. Identify and monitor tasks assigned to the mentee.
  3. Plan and participate in meetings.
  4. Focus on goals and results.
  5. Identify relevant literature and other resources, including contacts.
  6. Share knowledge and skills.
  7. Attend relevant training and meetings.
  8. Be open and give constructive feedback to the mentee.
  9. Is known to keep themselves and others accountable to their goals.
  10. Is prepared to allocate good quality time to mentoring.
  11. Shares openly his/her experience, knowledge and network.
  12. Follows organizational values and ethical norms.
  13. Listens well and provides constructive feedback.
  14. Collaborates in cases where the Mentoring Program Coordinator may need to be involved.
  15. Welcomes the chance to give something back to the profession.

Benefits to Being a SEAOSC Mentor

Support the future of the profession by passing on knowledge, skills and experience from one generation to another, empowering mentees and nurturing talent

  1. Increased engagement, commitment, motivation and career satisfaction through meaningful contributions
  2. Exploration and realization of potential strengths and barriers to advancement
  3. Exposure to new ideas and perspectives & finding common value
  4. A deeper appreciation for the value you have to offer
  5. Enhanced leadership, management and communication skills with potential for accelerated career mobility
  6. Authentic relationships, emotional support through dialog, and potential for decrease in job stress and conflict
  7. Improved professional identity and integration into professional life and community
  8. Incentives & Discount to attend SEAOSC events

Interested to join as a Mentor?

  1. This program is available for SEAOSC Members only. Be a member!
  2. Email and express your interest to join as a Mentor. 

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