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2024 S.B. Barnes Research Award

This award is given, when appropriate, to commemorate a member or members of SEAOC for timely and needed research information beneficial to the members of the Association.

Dr. Henry Burton, S.E.

Past Winners

2020John Wallace, SE
2019 EBC Soft-Story Wood Retrofit Research Group:  Daniel Zepeda, SE, Degenkolb Engineers; Garrett Hagen, SE, Degnekolb Engineers; Kamiar Kalbasi Anaraki, MS,  Degenkolb Engineers; Kristijan Kolozvari, PhD, PE, California State University, Fullerton; Michael Mehrain, PhD, SE, Mehrain Naeim International; Farzad Naeim, PhD, SE, Esq, Mehrain Naeim International
2017 Robert Lyons, S.E., Jeff Ellis, S.E., David Cocke, S.E., Victoria Wigle, S.E., Annie Kao, S.E., Kenneth O’Dell, S.E., David Williams, S.E., Michelle Kam-Biron, S.E., Dr. Lucy Jones
SEAOC Light Framed Wood (Kevin Moore, Andy Fennell, Gary Mochizucki, Tom Van Dorpe)
Hugh Brooks
2011 Los Angeles Tall Buildings Structural Design Council, Authors - "An Alternative Procedure for Seismic Analysis And Design of Tall Buildings Located in the Los Angeles Region - 2008 Edition": Dr. Gregg Brandow; Dr. Lauren Carpenter; Mr. Brian L. Cochran; Mr. Tony Ghodsi; Mr. Nick Delli Quadri; Dr. Gary C. Hart; Dr. Sampson C. Huang; Dr. Marshall Lew; Mr. John A. Martin Jr.; Dr. Michael Mehrain; Dr. Farzad Naeim; Dr. Thomas A Sabol; Dr. Barry Schindler; Mr. Donald R. Strand; Mr. Nabih Youssef
2010 Graeme Dick, Chair,  Ad Hoc Testing Standards for Structural Systems and Components 
2003 Ben Schmid, For his cyclic load testing efforts
2000 Steel Structures Ad Hoc Committee
2000 Bernhard Cardan, Viscous Damping Device Inventor 
1997 David Breiholz, Chairman, Existing Building Committee for Development of Retrofit  Standards for URM Buildings
1996 Robin Shepherd, Chairman, Testing Standards Committee, 1994-1995
1990 Seismology Committee 1979-1989
1986 Ben L. Schmid
1985 Clarkson W. Pinkham and Edward J. Teal
1983 William M. Simpson, SE, Chair - ACI-SEAOSC Task Committee on Slender Walls


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The Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) is a professional association with a rich history and a commitment to shaping the future of structural engineering. This legacy continues to affect the field, as SEAOSC remains a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, professional development, and community engagement.

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