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Major Structures and Failures 

Structural Engineering is the science and art of designing and making, with economy and elegance, buildings, bridges, frameworks and other similar structures so that they can safely resist the forces to which they may be subjected. In other words "Do with one what any idiot could do with two."

A showcase of some of the wonderful things designed by a structural engineer:

Clifton suspension bridge across the gorge of
the River Avon near Bristol, England. 
Designed by I.K. Brunel in 1830, 

Container crane, Port of Richmond

World Trade Center in all its glory. 
Even after a great impact it stood up to save quite a few lives.

Space Needle. Built for the Seattle World 
Fair in 1962, the tower is 600 ft. high. Seattle, USA


Structural engineering has had a few failures too. The first things that come to our mind are the buildings in earthquake but there are quite a few historic collapses which have occurred due to human error. Being a man we are all prone to errors but Structural Engineers have learnt a lot through the failures and have developed several criteria to help them better design the projects.

Kansas City Hyatt Regency -
In July 1981 two suspended 
walkways within the atrium of the Kansas City 
Hyatt Regency Hotel collapsed, resulting in the
death of 114 people

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