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  • Meet SEAOSC Incoming Board Member: Jamie Garza, S.E.

Meet SEAOSC Incoming Board Member: Jamie Garza, S.E.

May 25, 2023 7:19 PM | Anonymous

Jamie Garza is 2022-23 SEAOSC Communications Committee's co-chair and currently a principal at The Design Collaborative. As an incoming SEAOSC board member, Jamie is most excited about the challenge to get our industry to design and build ecologically appropriate buildings that are part of the solution to address the climate crisis. "I believe this is going to require structural engineers to do what they do best: figure out the puzzle of ecologically appropriate structural materials, ecological development, and reducing the environmental impact of construction."

For future generations of structural engineers, Jamie's advice is to remain true to themselves and their passion for structural engineering. Jamie encourages young structural engineers not to shy away from challenging the status quo and proposing innovative solutions that are resilient and ecologically forward. She also emphasizes the importance of advocating for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Additionally, Jamie urges future generations of structural engineers to be allies for women and LGBTQIA+ visibility, parity in leadership positions, and company ownership.

Jamie's vision for the future of the structural engineering industry is one of sustainability and inclusivity. By staying true to their ideals and actively working to address the challenges of climate change, structural engineers can make a significant contribution to a more equitable and sustainable future.

We are thrilled to have Jamie join the 2023-25 SEAOSC board!

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