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President's Message

  • September 18, 2019 8:15 AM | SEAOSC Admin (Administrator)

    Ken O'Dell, SE


    September traditionally begins the “new year” for SEAOSC with members returning from summer activities to our Committee Showcase and Welcome Dinner. As always, this year the event provided the opportunity for members to re-engage with committees while enjoying happy hour reconnecting with colleagues. This year was also unique with the State Convention occurring before our September meeting. The Central California team presented a great event in a great location. With these two event happening so close together I wanted to share a few thoughts.

    First and foremost; congratulations again to Janah Risha and Peter Maranian, SEAOSC’s two nominees who were inducted as part of the SEAOC College of Fellows Class of 2019. Both exemplify the passion and commitment for our profession to which we should all aspire. The convention in Squaw Valley provided an incredible opportunity to enjoy a great location while learning new things at the technical sessions and beginning new or renewing old friendships. This is the heart and soul of SEAOSC and SEAOC. Having attended my first convention in 1990, I can confirm that they are one of the best ways to stay involved and in touch with what is happening in our profession. In fact, it is through friendships forged at conventions that brings me to be typing this message. If you haven’t been before (and even if you have) I encourage you to find the opportunity to get to a SEAOC convention; and what better location than next year’s event in Maui from September 9-12, 2019. Get it on your calendar, I know my wife and daughter already have it on theirs!

    A little closer to home, our September Welcome Event helped kick-off our program year. Thank you to our Education Committee for putting it together and Diana Nishi for moderating a great discussion regarding the Ridgecrest/Searles Valley Earthquake Sequence. Also, to the 100-plus members who attended, thank you for participating. Hopefully you had a chance to meet fellow members and speak with some of your colleagues who have stepped up to lead the profession forward through their participation in critical activates the committees are charged with. Whether it is the Education Committee bringing content to the Education events, the technical committees advancing current and new design practices and engaging with public officials, or the Communications and Membership Committees building connections within and external to the association, these activities are crucial to the relevancy of SEAOSC and our ability to engage on a broad platform. If you haven’t done so, seek out a committee and find a way to increase your engagement with the profession, you won’t be disappointed.  

    As we move into the fall season and, dare I say, the rush of the end of the year, I find it empowering to remember how our work impacts the lives of everyone who uses one of our structures. Quite the achievement when you think of just how many people that is. I’m truly blessed to be able to count each of you as a colleague. Thank you for all you do to provide Safer Buildings through Structural Engineering.

  • August 01, 2019 4:28 PM | SEAOSC Admin (Administrator)

    Ken O'Dell, SE

    Well, I think it is fair to say that my first two-weeks serving as President of SEAOSC were eventful. Day 4 there is an earthquake, Day 5 there is a bigger one, Days 6-9 are a whirlwind, culminating in the first Board meeting for FY 2019-2020. In this board meeting we affirmed that there are great things ahead for the association. The board approved an aggressive budget focused on providing critical content and connections for our members, partners and community stake holders. Your Board also approved a forward looking calendar, that will be published shortly to allow you to plan for these events with as much advanced notice as possible. Our Education Committee is already preparing this year’s program.

    To wrap up the whirlwind, I’m on an extended vacation to celebrate my daughter’s promotion from middle school to high school. We are traveling through France for several weeks, and I can tell already that the theme for our trip will be to recognize that with great history comes inevitable change. Paris provides a great reminder that modern mixes with historic quite well. Our next stop in Normandy highlighted how great things can be accomplished when people come together with a common goal. This year is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, a historic day that not only brought nations together but also taught us that to succeed you must be engaged…there can be no sitting on the sidelines waiting for others to get the job done. And with a bit of humor… the Loire Valley teaches us that with a bit of wine, engaged people can be quite vocal and fun to share ideas with.

    Enough of the travel log and history lesson. It just struck me how thoughts can be brought full circle no matter the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Last year, Mehran spoke of change to ensure SEAOSC and our profession maintain relevance in service to our members and our communities. This is an ongoing process of asking hard questions of ourselves and making appropriate changes when the answers suggest different approaches may provide better results.

    This year, I hope the Board can help instill a desire within each of you to be engaged in your profession…not just your career. The profession of structural engineering is far too important to our communities for us to be content focusing on our daily work tasks… I propose that we each must look for the opportunity to use and share the knowledge gained from our daily tasks; perhaps that is by sharing your knowledge through committee participation, supporting a scholarship for, or mentoring our next generation of emerging leaders, or simply being better prepared to share why and how structural engineering is important with your clients.

    A few first steps:

    • Our Golf tournament is coming up soon…get registered and bring someone that hasn’t been before.
    • Don’t miss out on a great SEAOC convention to be held in Squaw Creek, Tahoe at the end of August.
    • And look for our Committee Showcase held during happy hour before our September Dinner meeting. Here, our committees will share their plans for the year. We have a few committees seeking new members and several committees “now forming”.

    As we begin a new year under the 2020 banner please look for a way to be engaged…the Association and Profession needs each of you.

  • June 01, 2019 8:45 AM | SEAOSC Admin (Administrator)

    Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

    Culmination of Culture of Change: Relevancy of SEAOSC

    June marks the last month of the SEAOSC calendar.  The year has sailed by faster than expected.  It has been a privilege and honor to serve as SEAOSC‘s 90th President. I am particularly proud to be part of the association’s a rich heritage, history, and traditions. In these dynamic times communities and cultures are changing at an unprecedented increasing rate. To survive associations must remain relevant.  This realization has driven our vision and activities over the past year.  An association must continually be changing, adapting and modernizing at an ever faster pace to remain relevant.   This year our motto has been to question every tradition and way with SEAOSC in favor of a new refreshed approach.  I am pleased to report that with the support of the Executive Committee, the board, and you the members, we have managed daring transformations in the Association which will continue to serve future generations of SEAOSC.  In the process we have managed to instill a culture of change and adaptability in the Association.   It is only through our collective efforts, beliefs, and volunteerism that we can continue to transform and modernize. What follows is a recap of some of the major events and transformations we managed together over the course of last year.

    SEAOSC 2018-2019 Transformations:

    • Strategic Thinking at Board Meetings; The board meetings are now strategic in nature rather than administrative.  This enables us to harness the collective talent of the board towards planning for the future of SEAOSC and accomplishing more relevancy including bigger tasks and missions. 
    • Investment Plan to Secure the Future of SEAOSC:  We implemented an investment plan with the goal of ensuring financial viability of the association during lean years.  With time and discipline the investments can grow to finance additional activities including research, scholarships, advocacy causes, public service announcements, outreach programs, and community support programs in the event of catastrophic occurrences. 
    • Rebranding of SEAOSC: We undertook a widespread rebranding campaign to more effectively reflect the vibrancy of new SEAOSC. We developed new logos for SEAOSC and Safer Cities in honor of our 90th anniversary along with a new color palette for the association.   The SEAOSC website was updated with the new color palate and addition of new sections such as “Historical Documents” and “Cities and Communities Assisted”.  Our monthly Newsletters were modernized with a new format to better suit mobile devices and computers in this age of digitalization and we adopted the new color palate for them.  We also modernized our email announcements with new format and the color palate.
    • Developed a “Disaster Response Plan” for SEAOSC:  We have substantially completed the development of a disaster Response plan for the Association.  In the event of a catastrophic occurrence all eyes will be on SEAOSC for support.  The plan will allow us to react swiftly to assist the community back on its feet and to communicate the proper perspective for the devastation to our community and public officials.
    • Safer Cities Program and Trademark: Thanks to the efforts of Past President Jeff Ellis, the name “Safer Cities” is now a trademark of SEAOSC and no one in the world is permitted to use it without our consent.   SEAOSC will continue to assist cities and communities under the “Safer Cities” brand name as we have done with Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Pasadena, and San Luis Obispo.  We also updated the Safer Cities Survey last year.  This Survey establishes an inventory of vulnerable building types, whether they have been addressed or require further attention to reduce vulnerabilities.  The original Safer Cities survey in 2016 covered counties of Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside, Imperial, and Los Angeles.  Last year we expanded it  with a supplement that added the remaining  counties covered by SEAOSC,   San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Kern.
    • Re-Organized Technical Committees: As a result of Treasurer Matt Barnard’s efforts; the committees are re-organized to align with state’s committee organization and consistent with master code arrangement. This provides for efficiency as each committee is able to focus on their respective code sections and readily feed into the state committees.  The Standards Committee was created to oversee the technical committees similar to SEAOC’s organization.  The Standard Committee’s main mission is to facilitate communication and coordinate amongst various committees, ensure consistency, and consensus for documents published by SEAOSC committees.
    • Advocacy for “Functional Recovery” and Resiliency Legislations:  We are working at the state level through SEAOC with the other member organizations to promote, sponsor, and assist with several legislations including “Functional Recovery” for performance of buildings and “Seismic strengthening”. We are forming alliance with EERI to jointly develop design criteria for achieving “Functional Recovery” in anticipation of this legislation.  This will provide opportunities for our technical committees to be involved in the state-of-the-art with seismic design.
    • New Professional Value Ad-Hoc Committee: This committee was formed by President-Elect Ken O’Dell to investigate the value of Structural Engineering Profession and ways to ensure that value is recognized by practicing engineers and our clients. This committee will yield great value for the profession in the future.
    • Modernizing SEAOSC Policy: Through the efforts of President-Elect Ken O’ Dell the Policies of the Association were updated and modernized to reflect contemporary societal values.
    • Pro-active community outreach; the Woolsey, Thomas Fires: The fires destroyed with unprecedented devastation in 2018.  Many lives, structures, homes, memories, dreams and hopes were lost and shattered.  SEAOSC reached out to all the regional municipalities involved to offer sympathy and more importantly assistance towards recovery. 
    • NCSEA  Grants: through efforts of Treasurer Mathew Barnard  we were granted $4000 from NCSEA for several initiatives for advancing the mission of Structural Engineering.  The grant amount constituted approximately 30% of the total funding allocated by NCSEA for this purpose.
    • Re-Envisioned SEAOSC Events and Awards: We changed the format of several SEAOSC events over the course of last year.  The goal of “Strengthening our Cities Summit” has always been to engage city officials and policy makers to form stronger alliances, and explore collaborative opportunities with them. Accordingly, this year we changed the format of the Summit and invited city managers, and elected officials to have one-on-one conversations at a breakfast summit about how we may be of assistance to them as an Association.  Approximately 50 city officials participated.  One of the outcomes of this Summit was a request for SEAOSC to have in person presentation to the public and city officials on the importance of disaster response preparedness. This is a program that SEAOSC plans to undertake next year with various municipalities.  We had a new holiday party venue; Maggiano’s Little Italy at the Grove . It was a sold out event with approximately 120 guests and a waiting list of others that were eager to attend.  The member appreciation event was a walking food tour of Historical Downtown LA for members.  The tour emphasized the history and architecture of LA buildings and with food stops along the way.   The “Seize your Opportunity” Leadership Symposium was presented by Women in Structural Engineering Committee (WISE). This was a different type of seminar focused on mentoring, leadership and soft skills training; tools for success in any field.  The “Safer Cities Gala and President’s Dinner” will be held at the Biltmore. This event will feature “Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards” (EISE) and will include a New “Safer Cities” awards category. The “President’s Luncheon and Achievement Awards” is another new event this year that will be held at the LA Grand Hotel. This event is devoted to recognizing and celebrating SEAOSC’s members that have distinguished themselves in various capacities including the Engineer of the year, and the transition of the Presidential gavel to the incoming President Ken O’ Dell.   You may read more about the Gala and the Luncheon the “Upcoming Events” section below. 
    • Re-envisioned Technical Seminars:  Thanks to the efforts of Treasurer Matt Barnard we planned two signature events. The “ 2019 Safer Cities Technical Seminar”  was held in January commemorating the 25th anniversary of Northridge Earthquake. The theme of the seminar was Resilient Design as inspired by experiences from the Northridge earthquake that led to current developments in earthquake engineering.  The “Yearend Technical Seminar” which will be held on June 19th. The format of these events was different than the educational seminars held by SEAOSC in the past. These were multi track, interactive seminars.
    • SEAOSC was in a Documentary film about the Northridge Earthquake: “Quake Heroes” is a documentary about the aftermath of Northridge Earthquake. It is about the heroic actions of the earthquake survivors in rescuing and helping others. President–Elect  Ken O’Dell  represented SEAOC in this documentary to reflect upon the earthquake and how the structural engineering community is helping to mitigate the types of disasters experienced in that earthquake. 

    Thank you!

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Executive Committee members, President Elect Ken O’ Dell of MHP Structural Engineers, Treasure Matt Bernard of Degenkolb Engineers, and Past President Bob Lyons of Risha Engineering for embracing the vision of change for the Association, owning  it and expressing a willingness to continue with it.  The current board has been tremendous in brainstorming and supporting changes and in the development of the “Disaster Response Plan”. Thank you Donny Harris SE, John Labib and Associates,  Garrett Mill,SE, Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers,   Massoud Abolhoda, SE, Santa Barbara County Planning & Development, Patti Harburg-Petrich, SE, BurroHappold Engineering,  Annie Koa,PE, Simpson Strong-Tie, Truong Huynh , PE, City of Long Beach, Bryan Seamer, SE, LPA,  and Wayne Chang SE,  Structural Focus .

    I would also like to thank all the committee chairs and members for their service and dedication to SEAOSC and for advancing various missions and causes. The committees are the spine of the Association without which we could not exist.

    Welcome New Board Members:

     Welcome new board members; Treasurer Kelsey Anne Parolini, PE, SSG Structural Engineers, Henry Burton, PhD., SE, University of California, Los Angeles, Kim Caravalho SE, Brandow & Johnston, Victor Cuevas, PE, Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, Tom Harris, SE, California Code Check. I encourage you all to initiate and support more changes to the association during your tenure.

    Up Coming Events:

    The “President’s Luncheon and Achievement Awards”, a new event this year, will be held on June 19th at the LA Grand Hotel. This event will be devoted to recognizing and celebrating SEAOSC’s members that have distinguished themselves in various capacities; the Engineer of the year, and will include the transition of the Presidential gavel to incoming president Ken O’ Dell. We hope that you will attend this luncheon to celebrate and recognize our distinguished colleagues and their accomplishments and welcome the new President.   The yearend technical summit will also be held in the morning at the same location. The summit will be a multi-track event providing interest based choices for the attendees. You can find out more about these events on the website.

    The Safer Cities Gala and President’s Dinner will of course be held on June 5st. at the Biltmore. This event will feature “Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards” (EISE) and will include a New “Safer Cities” awards category. This award will recognize leaders in the industry, or public arena that have made outstanding contributions towards Safer Cities or the advancement of the industry. The gala is emceed by ABC 7 Anchor David Ono. We are anticipating a broad representation from the industry at the event including various city representatives and officials.  I hope to see you and your guests there. You are able to register at the door if you have not yet done so.

    Congratulations to all the Awardees in advance!

    Departing Thoughts:

    I envision an Association that is relevant, active, modern and embracing of change.  An Association that strongly advocates for our profession, serves the needs of our members, the wants of our communities with the built environment, and advances the science of Earthquake Design.  I believe we are collectively achieving this vision; but we need to continue to work and push together.   It is important to appreciate the 90 year history of the Association and how it has grown to afford us the dream of bigger goals today.  It has been on the backs of the countless active members, board members, and past Presidents who dedicated time and effort to serve the Association for the benefit all that we have succeeded.  So, in the spirit of this noble tradition of service I call on you to please get involved and support the Association in future endeavors, give back to your profession and future generations of earthquake engineers.  Let’s make a bigger impact together!

    Thank you for your support. It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your President for 2018-2019. 

  • May 01, 2019 12:44 PM | SEAOSC Admin (Administrator)

    Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

    SEAOSC:  New Awards and Events

    Traditionally, the yearend President’s Dinner has included different award recognitions and the transition of the Presidential gavel. The Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards recognizes outstanding projects that are unique and innovative. The various individual awards recognize the contributions and accomplishments of SEAOSC members that have gone above and beyond the call of duty in giving to the association and the profession.  This year we will be expanding our awards program by starting a new tradition with a change in the format of our President’s Dinner and year end events. The new Safer Cities Gala and President’s Dinner will feature the “Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards” and the “Safer Cities Awards” which will recognize leaders in the industry, or public arena that have made outstanding contributions towards Safer Cities or the advancement of the industry.  This new format will provide an opportunity to broaden the scope of the event by inviting architects, contractors, owners, policy makers, and building officials to celebrate the recognition of a colleague or share in the award for a project that they participated in.  The long term vision for the President’s Safer Cities Gala is to build it into a premier industry event with an expanded scope of attendees.  Members are encouraged to invite industry associates to celebrate their award winning projects and share in their accomplishments as part of a team. We will be hosting the Safer Cities Gala and President’s Dinner at Biltmore’s Gold Room. This year ABC 7 Anchor David Ono will serve as the emcee.

    There will also be a President’s Luncheon and Achievement Awards this year which will be devoted to recognizing and celebrating SEAOSC’s members that have distinguished themselves in various capacities, the Engineer of the year, and include the transition of the Presidential gavel to incoming President Ken O’ Dell.   This event will be held on June 19th at the LA Grand Hotel.   We hope that you will attend this luncheon to celebrate and recognize our distinguished colleagues and their accomplishments, and welcome the incoming SEAOSC President, Ken O’ Dell.   The yearend technical summit will be held earlier in the morning at the same location and will include the luncheon at a discounted rate. The summit will be a multi-track event providing interest based choices for the attendees.

    The Women in Structural Engineering Committee is presenting  a Leadership Symposium on May 8th at the Biltmore. This event is generously sponsored by CSI. This full day event is focused on leadership and soft skill topics, tools for success in any field.  The details for the symposium are on our website.   

    On Saturday May 4th we will hold our member appreciation event, a walking food tour of Historical Downtown LA for members.  The tour will emphasize the history and architecture of LA buildings and is integrated with a Cinco de Mayo theme which includes food stops along the way. You can find out more about this tour on our website.

    The OC Dinner event will be held on Wednesday May 22, please visit the website for more information.

    Suffice to say that May and June will be busy months for SEAOSC!  Please invite your industry friends, architects, owners, and contractors to these events; particularly to the President’s Safer Cities Gala that will recognize industry leaders of the year and Excellence in Structural Engineering. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events!

    Lastly, it is with great sorrow that I share news of the passing of SEAOSC Past President Brian L. Cochran (1999-2000). Brian passed away from complications due to surgery. Condolences to his son, Past President Michael L. Cochran (2009-2010), and the Cochran family.

  • April 01, 2019 6:21 PM | SEAOSC Admin (Administrator)

    Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

    SEAOSC Has An Investment Plan

    I am pleased to announce that SEAOSC has started an Investment plan!  The purpose for the investment plan is primarily to build-up reserves to ensure financial viability of the association during the lean years.  Beyond that, the vision for the investment plan is to grow the reserves optimally to finance further association activities including membership benefits from the proceeds.  The activities and the benefits can include research, scholarships, advocacy for the profession, public service announcements, outreach programs, and community support programs in the event of catastrophic occurrences.  

    The investment plan was inspired by my experience as a member of the “SEAOSC of the future” Ad Hoc committee in 2011.  At that juncture the association was recovering from the recession and struggling on many fronts, including financially.  The Ad Hoc committee was tasked with the mission of devising a plan for the viability of the association.   The “futurists” as the five members of the Ad Hoc committee were called, developed a “Vision and Mission” for a viable SEAOSC into the future.  This “Vision and Mission” is featured on the SEAOSC website under the “About SEAOSC” tab should you be interested in learning more about it. The most challenging aspect of the plan was directing SEAOSC back to financial stability which involved many difficult decisions. That experience served as the inspiration for the development and implementation of the investment plan to ensure the viability of the association through challenging times.

    A key factor for the success of the investment plan will be to build up the reserves over time; particularly when the economy is healthy.  This requires discipline and commitment; tapping into the plan must be resisted unless absolutely necessary.   It is my hope to instill this discipline and culture in the association with a focus on the vision for the plan.  As the last of the “futurists” to serve as president; my aspiration is to insure proper resources are available for the future generations of SEAOSC leaders so they can realize their vision for the betterment of the association. 

    I look forward to seeing you at the next dinner event on April 3rd.

  • March 01, 2019 6:52 PM | SEAOSC Admin (Administrator)

    Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

    Inspiring the next generation

    In February SEAOSC hosted the annual scholarship and career fair night. It was an opportunity for us to meet and recognize the next generation of earthquake engineers, and reward those who have achieved scholastic excellence with scholarships.  It is important that students strive for excellence as they embark onto their careers.  The candidates for scholarships are selected and recommended by the SEAOSC Younger Member Committee, co-chaired by Michael Daciolas and Cheng Song.   The scholarships are awarded by SEAOSC foundation, chaired by-Past President Kevin O’ Connell and the funding is by firms and individuals. This year the SEAOSC Foundation had a significant donation by CSI Inc. Nine $1,500 scholarships and one $2,000 David and Margaret Narver Memorial Scholarship were awarded to 10 students. The students represented various universities in Southern California.  Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients!  

    I was delighted to see many friends and colleagues representing over 14 different Structural Engineering firms at the event discussing career opportunities with the students and inspiring them. I hope that all of us in the Structural Engineering community can appreciate our responsibility and role in cultivating future generations in our profession. This starts with the students in our institutions pursuing state-of-the-art academic knowledge; however, they also require mentoring, fostering and inspiration towards a future in the profession.  This is particularly important now as the profession faces more alluring competition for the students from other engineering studies. The career fair provided the opportunity to offer internship positions for the students to experience the profession first hand.  This is a win-win proposition as students experience on the job training and the gratification of experiencing a building form shape from drawings to reality, while a firm is able to evaluate and invest in a potential future candidate. I hope most of you will consider offering internship opportunities to students in this spirit.

    Lastly, we also celebrated the 90th Birthday of SEAOSC at the event by ceremoniously blowing out candles on a cake featuring our new logo.  This was a celebration of the vision, dedication and volunteerism of the twelve Structural Engineers that started the Association in February 1929 and that of SEAOSC members, and officers who have since served the association.

    I look forward to seeing you all at the next dinner event on March 6th.


    In last month’s Presidents message SEAOSC was declared as the oldest Structural engineering Association in the world, based on the history reflected on the Associations website. Peter Maranian S.E. was kind enough to bring to our attention the existence of a group in the United Kingdom who in 1922 renamed themselves “Institution of Structural Engineers”. The group consisted of various building industry factions including engineers, architects, chemist, manufactures and surveyors. The Institution received its Royal Charter in 1934.  Established in 1929, SEAOSC remains as one of the oldest Structural Engineers Associations in the world with the distinction that it was created by and for Structural Engineers exclusively.


  • February 01, 2019 1:35 PM | SEAOSC Admin (Administrator)

    Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

    Congratulations!  February marks the 90th Anniversary of SEAOSC!


    The association was formed at a meeting at the University Club in Los Angeles on February 20, 1929. The founding members were a group of 12 structural engineering consultants; two of whom were also architects and one was a professor at the California Institute of Technology. You can read more about the history of SEAOSC on our website. As I was scrolling through the names of the 89 Presidents that have served since the inception of SEAOSC, I could not help but to reflect on our history and rich heritage. Many of the presidents, board members, and members of SEAOSC are well known today for their contributions to the science of earthquake engineering. SEAOSC is the only structural engineering association in the world that can showcase such a long history and rich heritage as we are oldest structural engineering association in the world. 

    As we celebrate this anniversary it is important to appreciate that the association was built on the foundation of volunteerism with its members, committee participants, officers and board members, donating time and effort for the good of the group and for future generations. Now,  it is our generation’s turn to carry the torch and give back to the profession, our communities, and the future Earthquake Engineers. I invite you to get involved and join us on this important mission.

    In honor of our 90th year we are delighted to present an updated image for the Association. Specifically, the SEAOSC and strengthening of our cities logos have been updated and a new color palate has been adopted for the association as reflected on this newsletter and on our website. The updated logo and the new colors celebrate the vibrancy of the modern SEAOSC while honoring the rich heritage of the Association and representing the Golden State of California from which we hail.  There are two versions of the logo, one with a tag line that will be used for occasions when our expertise as Earthquake Engineers will need to be highlighted and emphasized, and the other without the tag line.  We hope that you find these updates pleasing.

    The strengthening of our cities technical summit that was held on January 19th was a success, with 125 attending, as was the Orange County Dinner event held on January 22nd.  The Annual Career Fair & Student Scholarships Awards Night will be held on February 6th.  SEAOSC Foundation will be awarding grants to students pursuing a degree in Civil and Architectural engineering. There is also an opportunity for companies to showcase career opportunities at their firms to potential candidates.  I encourage you to join us.

    Happy Birthday SEAOSC! We look forward to seeing you at February dinner event!


    Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

  • January 01, 2019 11:58 AM | SEAOSC Admin (Administrator)

    Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

    Happy New Year!


    The holiday party at the Maggiano's Little Italy at the Grove was a tremendous success. It was a sold out event with 117 registered guests and a waiting list with many more eager to attend. By all accounts folks had a great time. It was an excellent way to close out 2018 and transition to the New Year with momentum and energy. Photos from the party are posted on the SEAOSC web site. An informal poll of attendees at the end of the evening confirmed that the new venue was the most enticing factor for attendance, although pricing was also inviting for many. I would like to once again thank our sole sponsor for the evening, Computers Structures Inc. (CSI) for their continued gracious sponsorship of the event. Their sponsorship along with funding from SEAOSC allowed for the partial financing of this member appreciation holiday event for all, particularly for the younger members who responded in kind by attending in unprecedented numbers. Hopefully, this and future events like it, can serve as catalysts for increased camaraderie amongst various generations of SEAOSC members. The combination of fresh new ideas from younger members fueled by energy paired with the experience, vision and foresight of the seasoned generation is a sure recipe for a grander association. The real success of this event was that it simply brought these different generations closer together towards this end. Let's hope that this event was a spark that will ignite this process.

    2019 is a significant year for SEAOSC as it marks our 90th anniversary. I will have more on this in the February newsletter which marks the month that the first SEAOSC meeting was held.

    In January, we will be commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake with an all-day seminar. This will be held on January 19th in place of the Winter Education Event that SEAOSC has held in years past. This will be a dual track event, a new format for a SEAOSC seminar. The participants will be able to choose different sessions from either track depending on interests. We will also be unveiling a documentary film titled "Quake Heroes" at the seminar. This is a documentary about the Northridge earthquake which SEAOSC actively campaigned to be part of and participate in. Our esteemed president-elect Ken O'Dell was selected to represent SEAOC in this documentary to reflect upon the Northridge earthquake and how the structural engineering community in California can help in mitigating the types of disasters experienced in that earthquake.

    The monthly dinner meeting will be held on January 9th at the Double Tree Hotel. I hope to see you all at the event! Wishing everyone good health, prosperity, happiness, and peace for the year ahead. Happy New Year!


    Mehran Pourzanjani, SE


The Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) is the oldest structural engineering association in the world


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