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SEAOSC Business Management Webinar #3 - Project Management

  • June 15, 2022
  • Zoom


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Leadership as the next Project Management Frontier

How do you build an effective project manager?  What are the building blocks and how do they stack up?

Much of historical engineering Project Management training and development has leaned heavily on best practices gleaned from manufacturing, information technology, and related fields; however, the modern engineering Project Manager faces a unique set of challenges that differ markedly from other industries.

True project management superpower lies in your ability to apply leadership competencies to the project environment. Done well, leadership approaches maximize the value of the project, both for your clients and form your firm. But how can you do this?

This session will examine the four core competencies of successful engineering project managers and will lay out a science-based framework for optimizing your project management approach. In addition to the science of project management, this session will provide practical approaches to solving common project challenges and attendees will leave armed with a fresh outlook on what it means to be a successful engineering project manager. 

About the Speaker:

Justin Smith, PE, is a subject matter AEC leadership and project management expert with a proven track record of success in diverse programs.

A structural engineer, Justin has completed a diverse array of projects throughout the country. In addition to leading technical projects, Mr. Smith trains project managers across the country in leadership and interpersonal skill development, in addition to consulting with firm leaders across the country.

From drafter to Principal, Mr. Smith has held nearly every role in the modern engineering firm and brings a practitioner’s eye to project management and leadership development. He regularly offers his expertise to firms, universities, and professional organizations looking to develop skills and offerings that provide a competitive advantage for talent. Mr. Smith has consulted on projects and with companies on matters including workplace culture improvement, leadership development challenges, business system implementations, and project leadership for highly technical subject matters.

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