Natural Hazard News

Los Angeles-Orange County economy hits $1 trillion

Simple methods to improve building performance in high winds

Few Californians have earthquake insurance, but interest has jumped since the Mexico quakes

It was a Mexico City office building. Now, after the earthquake, it's a tomb

Earthquakes are a part of life in L.A., but you wouldn't know it with all the warnings after Mexico City

Mexico earthquake crumbles concrete buildings, sending deadly warning to California

At least 3,000 buildings found damaged in Mexico City as search narrows for earthquake's last possible survivors

Essential California: A sober lesson for California: Why some Mexico City buildings crumbled and others survived the quake

Mexico City residents whose buildings survived the 1985 quake thought they'd be safe in the next big one. They were wrong

Why some buildings crumbled and others survived the Mexico City quake: A sober lesson for California

Could your building collapse in a major L.A. earthquake? Look up your address on these databases

Buildings Across Mexico City That Toppled in the Earthquake

SEAOC Response to Concurrent Disasters

NIST Releases Six New Community Resilience Planning Guide Briefs

At-A-Glance Overview of Resilience Economic Decision Guide Now Available

Helping to Build a Nation of Resilient Communities

WeHo Will Require Owners of ‘Soft-Story’ Buildings to Prep Them for an Earthquake

Santa Monica adopts nation's most extensive earthquake retrofit plan

Some local landlords are retrofitting their properties before the next big earthquake

L.A. releases addresses of 13,500 apartments and condos likely to need earthquake retrofitting

L.A. landlords and tenants will share earthquake retrofit costs under deal approved by City Council

Los Angeles passes nation’s strictest seismic retrofit ordinance

Napa quake provides clues to which structures, and where, are at risk

Performance of Buildings and Nonstructural Components in the 2014 South Napa Earthquake

Thousands of California’s brick buildings face quake danger

Christchurch Post-Quake Rebuild Picks Up Steam

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