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What is Structural Engineering?

Structural Engineering is a specialty within Civil Engineering which deals with the design, construction and maintenance of our surrounding infrastructure, such as buildings, bridges and tunnels.  Contrary to popular belief, a structural engineer is not an architect.  Rather, a structural engineer takes the vision of the architect, building owner, or project leader and creates a structural system, or ?skeleton? to physically support the intended loads. The end goal of the structural design is to resist loads such as gravity, seismic, and wind loads. 

What does a Structural Engineer Do?

A Structural Engineer designs the physical elements that allow a building to exist, provide shelter, and safely resist forces.  These elements are designed to meet the requirements of the governing building codes.  The day-to-day tasks of a structural engineer entail creating construction documents, performing calculations and evaluations, as well as coordinating with a general contractor before and while in construction phase.

Why do I need a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer possesses the specialized education and experience needed to design and evaluate a structure that is safe for its intended use.  The design of every structure is particular to the environment it is in, and a properly licensed engineer is equipped to analyze structures founded in different soil conditions, as well as subject to various gravity, seismic, and wind loads. A structural engineer is also a technical resource who can discuss with you the various options for retrofitting your building and advantages and disadvantages of each. An engineer?s stamp and signature is required on contract documents, permitted by the authority having jurisdiction, for the following applications:

  • New Building Construction
  • Existing Building Renovation
  • Existing Building Seismic Retrofit

How do I find a Licensed Engineer?

  • Ask your friends, architects or contractors for recommendations.
  • SEAOSC has provided a webpage to help facilitate your search.  Click Here

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